Our Bubbly Personality…Can Spill Over!

Read below on how to get the most out of your inner-ēco product.


We recommend using caution when opening a new bottle of inner-ēco fresh coconut water probiotic. The product is under pressure and can overflow if the cap is removed too quickly.

For a successful inner-ēco experience:

  • Must be refrigerated at all times
  • Before you put your bottle in your bag or car, twist the cap and close quickly to release some pressure before you travel
  • Keep the bottle cold. When our products are removed from their cold environments, it upsets the probiotic cultures that support your body’s healthy gut function
  • Do not leave the bottle in warm or hot cars
  • NEVER shake before opening
  • Twist and close the cap quickly to release the initial pressure and close it immediately
  • Then twist and close a few more times until you no longer hear pressure releasing
  • Once the bottle has been opened, you may gently rock the bottle to disperse the cultures
  • But remember it can still overflow.

For these reasons, we do not support internet sales at this time.


  • Smoothie packs must maintain their frozen state until ready to consume
  • Once defrosted use immediately. Do not refreeze
  • No need to thaw – enjoy straight from the freezer.