The inner-ēco Unique Process

The process that we use to craft our probiotic coconut water is rigorous and beautiful. At inner-ēco, we take great pride in sourcing the purest products, maintain that purity with minimal processing, and create a nurturing environment that allows life to thrive within our probiotic coconut water and frozen coconut meat smoothies. The magic is simple with two ingredients: fresh young green coconuts and kefir in our probiotic coconut water. Equally as pure is our handpicked organic strawberry, organic banana, organic mango, organic date and fresh coconut pureed in our frozen smoothie packs.
Everything that occurs in nature: barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature affect the environment in which we create our coconut water probiotic water. We embrace these changes rather than try to control them as long as they remain beneficial to the vitality of the food, and in turn, our bodies. As a result, each bottle’s quantity of probiotics and flavor fluctuates minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day.
We source fresh young green coconuts from extremely small farms in the rich, warm, and fertile valleys of Thailand. We crack them open on site and immediately introduce them to the ancient kefir. We bottle the combination within an hour to ensure everything is in its purest, freshest, living state.
We never heat, treat, or freeze coconut water in order to create the most nurtured environment for life to thrive. Messing with the pure coconut water damages the fats and destroys enzymes which benefit the digestion. We also use dark brown tinted glass bottles which allows the fresh probiotics to thrive. The result: living, thriving and nourishing coconut water that tastes as good as it feels.