Fermentation: Nature's Way of Creating Living Food

At inner-ēco, we view the fermentation process as a source of life. During fermentation, gut-friendly bacteria grows and thrives throughout the process. Those friendly bacteria, known as probiotics, add to your own inner ecosystem’s life force. In fact, at inner-ēco, we prefer to use the term “living food” vs. “fermentation” to reference the key element of how our products are created.
Milk kefir grains on a wooden spoon overhead shot

Kefir cultures

Since 7000 BCE, humans have used fermentation processes in food. At inner-ēco, we look at fermentation as more than just nourishment for the body – it has a powerful effect on living organisms. There is good reason why people have been intentionally creating living fermented foods and eating them for millennia.
Science has shown that the probiotics born from fermentation may boost your immune system by fortifying the pathogen-fighting bacteria already lining your intestines.
While scientists try to break down why friendly bacteria is beneficial for your health, we prefer to look at inner-ēco’s living foods from a more ethereal viewpoint. In each of our bottles of coconut water probiotic, we see friendly bacteria as something that should be celebrated and nurtured. The living probiotics in our coconut water flourishes as it interacts with your ecosystem. What makes the probiotics thrive in our product is the pure environment they live in…fresh, harvested daily, young green coconut water. We crack our coconuts daily to ensure freshness.  We do not heat or chemically treat our coconut water, it is naturally preserved through our fermentation process.  We celebrate how wonderful the life force is that exists within our coconut water and frozen coconut smoothies and how wonderful we feel when consume them.
Every single bottle is its own living environment and we celebrate the life inside that allows us all to flourish.