Kefir: Building Blocks of Living Food

We believe diversity brings stability to ecosystems. That is why at inner-ēco, we use a diverse community of kefir cultures as the source of life in our probiotic coconut water. Kefir cultures are one of the most diverse probiotic sources available thanks to its nearly 30 strains of friendly yeast and bacteria.
coconut kefir beverageThe name kefir is derived from the Turkish word “keyif” which colloquially refers to feeling good after eating. Humans have been using kefir to create living foods well over a century with some reports placing its use starting thousands of years ago.
In modern times, kefir is often used in combination with dairy products to create a probiotic-rich food. What makes inner-ēco different is; we strive to produce a dairy-free living food which provides a tasty, bubbly and refreshing experience.  We combine two of nature’s most fulfilling foods, kefir and young green coconut water to create a powerful, dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO probiotic. The friendly bacteria strains work together to live, thrive, and proliferate within each bottle. For thousands of years nature and mankind have worked together with these two foods to completely and naturally provide us a delicious living food. It is our honor to bring this purity to others.
Our life-giving probiotics go beyond coconut water. Our smoothie packs are made with pure young green coconut puree, organic fruit and probiotics that the whole family can enjoy – the probiotic in our smoothies are good for the entire family.
Just as diversity causes humankind to thrive, it is at the essence of what makes inner-ēco’s probiotics so remarkable.