The Magical Coconut

A coconut is not, in fact, a nut, fruit or a seed. Technically, it’s a fibrous one-seed drupe, which is just a scientific way of saying it’s a fruit enclosing a seed. Regardless of how you want to classify a coconut, young green coconuts are a brilliant superfood packaged in beautiful, protective shells.
Fresh young green coconut water is steeped in potassium and electrolytes; so much so that each coconut contains more potassium than a single, large banana. It is so life giving that, during World War II, some doctors gave soldiers pure coconut water intravenously when saline solution was in short supply.

Hand Slicing Top of Coconut with Machete as Juice Sprays

The magical coconut is a gift that keeps giving. Young green coconut meat has 17 of the necessary 20 amino acids needed to build the most solid proteins—two thirds of which are medium chain fatty acids (MCT’s). These fatty acids don’t naturally exist in most of the foods we traditionally eat in the west (unless you already eat lots of coconuts, of course!) so you can indulge guilt free.
It’s these gift-giving properties that make coconut water a perfect medium for our probiotics. We source only the sweetest of coconuts: those six months and younger. Why? Because coconut water delivers its sugars and nutrients to the coconut’s meat over the course of its life. The younger the coconut, the sweeter the water and coconut.
We use the best young coconuts from small farms in Thailand and ship them to Colorado, where we crack them on site. We then introduce ancient kefir culture to the nutrient and potassium-rich coconut water to create probiotic life.
Fresh young green coconut water does the same job of feeding those kefir cultures as lactose does in milk-based kefir drinks. The result: a perfect non-dairy option to traditional animal milk-based probiotic kefir drinks. Young coconut kefir is a living food that’s delivers a sweet, vibrant taste thanks to the coconut’s young, warm life in Thailand.
Is the coconut a magical, miracle food? We like to think so. We do know that our kefir cultures absolutely thrive when combined with it and that our fresh coconut water probiotic makes our customers feel healthy and happy when they add to it to their daily routine. And that’s what’s most important.