Strawberry, Banana, & Coconut Probiotic Smoothie

package of strawberry banana coconut probiotic smoothie

inner-ēco’s Strawberry, Banana, & Coconut frozen smoothie product is made from organic fruit, our fresh pureed coconut, and probiotics. Plus, the probiotic in our smoothie is approved by the FDA for infants and children.

Strawberry Banana Coconut Smoothie Nutrition Panel


  • We hand scoop fresh, green, young coconuts onsite to create a fresh puree.
  • We use organic fruit that is handpicked. Our fruit is never in a ripening room to ensure maximum flavor and freshness.

Our dairy-free smoothies are great just as they are or add protein, greens or anything your inner-ēcology desires. The probiotic smoothie packs also make great popsicles or additions to recipes. We haven’t met a kid yet who didn’t love it – it’s sure to become your child’s favorite fresh snack.

OR – snack it straight from the packet!

Once defrosted, must be used immediately.