Have you ever tried to crack a coconut?

We have done all the hard work.  All inner-ēco™ products are made with the freshest, nutritious young green coconuts.   We crack daily...now that's FRESH!

inner-ēco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic is hand crafted and made in small batches using freshly harvested coconut water from young green coconuts at the peak of their nutritional life. And yes, we crack the coconuts and harvest the water ourselves to guarantee its freshness!  Lab tested to contain boundless amounts of live, probiotic cultures per serving inner-ēco™ is a living food created to build and nourish the inner ecology of your body.

We would like to introduce you to our newest line of versatile products...  inner-ēco™ 100% Fresh Young Coconut
Creamy fresh young coconut is sweet, flavorful and naturally nutritious.  inner-ēco™ 100% Fresh Young Coconut is hand scooped, pureed and fresh frozen daily to ensure its freshness for your convenience. 

inner-ēco™ has brought our precious little coconuts from sea level to meet the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

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Online Sales Disclaimer: inner-ēco™ does not endorse the sale or purchase of their products through online sources and will not be held liable for any mishandling, damages or refunds. inner-ēco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic is a living, fermented food that requires a stable environment and constant refrigeration to maintain integrity and minimize bottle pressure. SHIPPING IS NOT RECOMMENDED.