We are Niki Price and Barb Vogel,
inner-ēco™ co-founders

When Niki started making inner-ēco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic one of the first people she offered it to was her friend Barbara, whom she'd met in 1994 when they were elementary school teachers in the Denver, Colorado area.

Barb had had digestive issues all her life, and when she tried inner-ēco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic, it was like water on a desert. No doctor had EVER been able to help her digestive issues, and inner-ēco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic was the only thing that ever honestly worked. She became an immediate fan. Such an ardent fan, in fact, that when Niki called her in 2008 to talk about taking inner-ēco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic to the next level, Barb wanted to partner with her. "I believe it's an honest product, and if it worked for me, it will work for others," she said.

Niki and Barb started by making the kefir together in their own kitchens. On March 12, 2008, they established N&B, LLC and manufacturer inner-ēco™ in an FDA-certified kitchen.



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