inner-ēco was started in 2008 by Niki Price and Barb Vogel, two elementary school teachers in Denver, with the desire to create healthy products and to provide humanitarian services globally and locally. The duo knew that if the fresh coconut water probiotic worked for them, it could work for others. They believe in bringing real food with clean ingredients to families of all sizes in order to create the necessary pure environments our bodies deserve. Their ultimate mission is to be the champion of healthy, happy environments starting from the inside out.
We are here to build better environments – for our guts and for fellow citizens of planet earth. For the last 10 years, a portion of inner-ēco profits have gone toward freeing enslaved individuals around the world. We believe that keeping your gut bacteria in healthy balance is key for overall happiness.


We are a serious probiotic with a serious mission and a bubbly personality. Our mission is freedom from circumstances that don’t allow people to live to their fullest potential. And we take our mission seriously. Beyond the good our products do for your body, every purchase of inner-ēco products help to fulfill our mission of serving others in the United States and around the world. inner-ēco is a socially conscious company with proceeds from profits going to support charities locally and globally. At our heart, is the desire to create healthy products that support doing good in the world, serving the needs of those suffering from injustice or despair. When it comes to our giving, we follow our gut. With every coconut we crack, we fuel our mission locally and globally.


Our products create a safe environment inside the body because of the pure coconut water we use from young green coconuts and the probiotics from kefir during fermentation. Whole, fresh, young, green coconuts are shipped directly to our production facility in Denver, Colorado and are cracked open daily. We only use the wholesome water and coconut that comes directly from our fresh young coconuts. Each coconut comes to us in their most natural state and we are one of only a handful of companies that process coconuts locally. Each of our products, from our drinks to our frozen smoothie packs, are naturally preserved with no additives so that they may provide nutritional support ingredients for living digestive and immune systems.

Award-Winning Products

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