Frequently Asked Questions


Refrigeration, Care and Handling

Q. Should I keep inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic refrigerated?
Yes. inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic MUST BE REFRIGERATED while in the bottle. Upon purchase get it home immediately. We find it handy to keep a small cooler in the car for transporting. NEVER leave the bottle unrefrigerated (i.e. in the car or even in your home); the bottle must be kept cold (below 40 degrees F) at all times. inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic should never be frozen as freezing will destroy the active probiotic cultures.
Q. What is the proper way to open a new bottle of inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic?
Please use caution when opening a new inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic bottle. Opening inner-eco™ is like opening a bottle of champagne, especially for the first time. The product is under pressure and can overflow if the cap is removed too quickly. To avoid this, NEVER shake before opening and twist the cap SLOWLY to release this pressure build-up. You may consider opening the bottle over a bowl to capture any overflow. Once the bottle is opened and first serving is used, it is ok to gently mix the contents to release the beneficial kefir cultures that have settled to the bottom. But remember it can still overflow so BE CAREFUL!
Q. Can I ship inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic?
We do not recommend shipping inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic due to the uncontrolled environment inherent with shipping. inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic is a live food and MUST BE REFRIGERATED at all times to maintain its integrity and to prevent pressure buildup.
Q. How do I carry inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic when I road travel?
inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic is a living food and must be kept below 40 degrees F at all times. To carry inner-eco™ when you road travel, transfer the kefir into a clean, non-leaking plastic bottle with room for expansion. Pack it in a cooler with a cold pack or ice and promptly refrigerate it upon arriving at your destination. Placing inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic in airline checked luggage is not recommended due to the unstable environment of the airplane baggage compartment.
Q. Can inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic be ordered and shipped if it's not sold in my area?
inner-eco™ does not ship its products because it is impossible to preserve the integrity and guarantee the quality of the product when shipping. The best way to ensure inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic products are available for purchase in your area is by contacting your local natural foods outlet and requesting the product.


Usage and Benefits

Q. When is the best time to take inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic and should it be taken with food?
inner-eco™ can be taken any time of day, including with or without food. By swishing before swallowing, the cultures in inner-eco™ have the opportunity to begin working inside the mouth and then continue all the way along the entire digestive tract.
Q. What are the benefits of the kefir culture used to make inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic?
Kefir is not a supplement, drug, or medicine. It is a living food which helps the body find (or regain) its natural balance to promote overall wellbeing. Just like regular exercise, kefir is something that should be incorporated into everyone's diet regularly. When the body is healthier, its natural defenses are stronger. Learn more by clicking on the Learn Tab to access a wealth of information about the health promoting properties of kefir.
Q. Who should drink inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic?
inner-eco™ is on a mission to heal the world one bottle of Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic at a time. People of all ages can benefit from inner-eco™.
Q. How much should I drink and can I drink too much inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic?
Since everyone’s body and state of health is different, their need and tolerance for probiotics will also vary. Our suggested one tablespoon serving size is a good starting point. Start slowly then listen to your body and adjust serving size and frequency according to individual needs which can vary greatly. inner-eco™ is not a supplement, drug, or medicine, but a living food which supplies 'friendly bacteria' to help the body find (or regain) its natural balance and promote overall wellbeing. As with probiotics in general, some people experience loose stool if they take more than their body is adjusted to. In this case, just back off on serving size and/or frequency.
Q. Is inner-eco™  Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic appropriate for babies and small children or if I am pregnant or nursing?
Always check with your health care provider before introducing anything new into the diet. For babies and small children start with a few drops rather than a full serving and adjust accordingly.
Q. Is it ok to dilute or mix inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic?
Absolutely! You can enjoy its unique flavor alone, or blend it into juice or smoothies for a probiotic punch. Serve either cold or at room temperature, but don't mix inner-eco™ with hot beverages-the heat will kill the living organisms.
Q. How do I use inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic to make a refreshing "soda" drink?
Give your inner ecosystem a probiotic bath with this natural "soda" drink! Mix a daily serving of inner-eco™ kefir into a glass of sparkling water along with the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon or lime. Sweeten to taste by adding the flavored liquid stevia of your choice.
Q. Is inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic able to get through the acids in the stomach?
inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic is a living food beginning its work inside the mouth and continuing all the way through the digestive system. The bacterial strains contained in inner-eco™ kefir are not affected by the heat and acids of the gastrointestinal tract. After going through the stomach inner-eco™ can colonize in the intestinal track restoring the gut flora.
Q. How is drinking inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic different from taking a probiotic supplement?
inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic does not need to travel through your digestive tract to begin making its health-supporting contribution to your body. It actually begins working from the moment it enters your mouth. Consider swishing a serving around in your mouth before swallowing for improved oral hygiene! As a living food, inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic contains an astronomically high count of probiotic cultures that are in a continuous stage of growing and thriving. These probiotic cultures have the ability to colonize and become established in the intestine allowing them to repopulate in your digestive tract more readily than the dried probiotics in capsule form.
Q. When should I increase my intake of inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic?
Consider increasing your intake of inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic anytime you experience increased stress to your system whether physical, mental or emotional. An especially important time to increase intake is while taking antibiotics. inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic may help replace the good cultures that antibiotics destroy! However, do not take inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic immediately along with the antibiotic but rather, wait a few hours to realize maximum benefits.
Q. What cultures are in inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic and why are they beneficial?
Our Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic  contains the beneficial cultures listed below. These cultures aid in digestion and compete with the bad yeast commonly found in our systems. They also have the ability to colonize in the intestinal track with regular consumption.
Lactococcus lactis subsp.
Leuconostoc subsp.
Streptococcus thermophiles
Lactobacillus subsp.
Kefir yeast
Kefir grains microflora


Product Specific Information

Q. What are the floating white particles in my bottle of inner-eco™?
The culture content of inner-eco™ is extremely high and it is normal for some of the cultures to settle to the bottom of the bottle. The "floaties" you may see are bits of beneficial cultures. Drink them up! They're good for you! The amount varies with each bottle. Typically, some of these cultures release from the bottom upon first opening and float to the top or attach to the sides of the bottle. Once the bottle has been carefully opened for the first time, it is ok to replace the cap and gently turn it upside down to release and mix these beneficial cultures which have settled. As the bottle contents diminish through use, it is safe to be a little more aggressive with this stirring. This activity will assure you are getting an evenly distributed balance of cultures in each serving.
Q. Can you certify the quality of your Fresh coconut Water Probitoic?
inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic is lab tested for both quality and culture count. Therefore it is PURE!!! Nothing is done to the coconuts or kefir to preserve or sterilize them chemically or with heat.
Q. inner-eco™ is a fermented product. Does it contain alcohol?
Fermented foods may contain trace amounts of alcohol. inner-eco™ complies with all FDA requirements.
Q. Why does inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic taste slightly different from one bottle to the next?
inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic is a living food and therefore slight variances in aroma, taste, appearance and effervescence will exist from one batch to the next. These variances are mainly due to the natural difference in sugar content between the young green coconuts we freshly harvest.
Q. How is inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic unique from other kefirs on the market?
inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic is hand crafted and made in small batches with love and a purpose. To guarantee its purity and freshness, we crack the coconuts and harvest the water of the young green coconuts ourselves. Never pasteurized, inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic is a living food with an astronomically high probiotic culture count. inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic is dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free.
Q. Why is inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic in an amber bottle?
inner-eco™ Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic is a living food. We package it in an amber bottle to preserve the life of the light-sensitive organisms.