Feed, Free & Educate

inner-ēco™ Fresh Coconut products are hand crafted in small batches with love and purpose. Beyond the amazing dietary and health supporting attributes offered by inner-ēco™ Fresh Coconut products, inner-ēco™  finds purpose through its socially conscious initiatives. As one example, inner-ēco™ is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others, all over the world, through its Feed, Free & Educate initiatives. On this front, Barb and Niki, co-founders of inner-ēco™, founded the S.T.O.P (Slavery That Oppresses People) campaign, which dedicates a portion of inner-ēco™ proceeds to securing freedom, food, medical care and education to the people of Sudan, Africa and anywhere else in the world where persecution and oppression is prevalent. Through these efforts, enough money has been raised to free tens of thousands of slaves in southern Sudan thereby replacing slavery with freedom and hope. The organization was also instrumental in getting the Sudanese Peace Act signed into law.

Social Consciousness

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More about Barb, Niki and S.T.O.P.

inner-ēco™ also supports education for poor and at-risk children overseas, in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Recently, proceeds from the sale of inner-ēco™ Fresh Coconut products helped fund construction of a school in Uganda for over 300 middle school students, provided scholarships for children in Kenya, and sent students of homeless mothers to school in Romania. Through the production and sales of inner-ēco™ Fresh Coconut products, love and purpose have truly combined to accomplish great deeds and although the story is an incredible one, the ending is far from written. Current plans include the continued distribution of funds domestically and overseas for educational needs directed at student scholarships, operational grants and school construction.

inner-ēco™ supports many local community efforts as well. Efforts focused on decreasing the incidence of teen suicide by removing financial and social barriers to treatment for at-risk youth. Efforts focused on providing encouragement and positive alternatives for young people while instilling in them the drive to become effective community leaders. And efforts focused on providing relief to victims of disaster as well as helping people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. A little can go a long ways when everyone contributes to a common goal.

That's how your purchase of inner-ēco™ Fresh Coconut products serves a purpose beyond the good it does your own body; it spreads goodwill locally and around the world. Thank you for your contribution!