Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic Original Unsweetened Flavor

inner-ēco’s fresh coconut water probiotic is a dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free living food made with non-GMO ingredients. It is handcrafted and fermented in small batches in Colorado. We use our freshly cracked young green coconut water, which is never frozen or from concentrate, and blend it with beneficial active cultures creating a living probiotic to support your body’s inner-ēcology. Each serving includes billions upon billions of the active cultures you need daily.
Because we are a serious probiotic with a bubbly personality, we recommend a tablespoon a day from the large 15 oz. bottle. Or take your fresh young coconut water probiotic on the go! Each of our 1 oz. bottles contains a double serving of active cultures – these TO GO bottles may be small but they are mighty!
inner-ēco’s original unsweetened probiotic coconut water is made with pure fresh young coconut water and kefir cultures. Just good, clean fun you can share with the whole family! 

Must be refrigerated at all times.


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