Good Gut Bacteria

Collection of various microorganisms isolated on black background. Set of germs, pathogens, protozoa, microbes. Bundle of disease causing bacteria and viruses.
The human gut contains around 100 trillion bacteria organisms, 10 times the number of cells in the human body. Ideally, for optimum health, we want to maximize the growth of the ‘good’ (health-promoting) bacteria while minimizing the growth of the ‘bad’ (health-harming) bacteria. inner-ēco™’s Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic is lab tested and contains billions upon billions of active probiotic cultures per serving, essentially overwhelming the disease-promoting bacteria by forcing them from the body. This life “force” process impacts virtually every aspect of our overall health & wellness.
The health-supporting qualities of probiotic foods, intuitively known by societies around the world for centuries, are increasingly being recognized by health professionals and the scientific community. Scientific evidence continues to mount, indicating the beneficial relationship of probiotics to many health-related conditions. inner-ēco™ Fresh Young Coconut Water Probiotic is not a supplement but a living food.