Inner Ecology

At inner-ēco, our focus is how our products add life to your inner ecology. What do we mean when we say “inner-ecology?”
Ecology is the relationship between organisms and their surroundings. We can’t think of a better word to describe the diverse living world that exists inside each and every one of us. We created our coconut water probiotic and frozen smoothie packs to nurture your inner ecology. They are living foods that help our ecosystem grow, become harmonious, and thrive.
Science has shown that introducing gut-friendly bacteria like inner-ēco’s coconut water probiotic into our guts has all kinds of benefits. Friendly bacteria may allow people to absorb food more easily by improving the release of digestive juices and enzymes. This helps to down the food you eat. Easier absorption may equal more energy. Probiotics may fortify the immune system by adding an extra line of defense between the intestinal lining and the rest of the body.
Our truest intention is to create a life-giving food that promotes a thriving, healthy and purposeful being. We see ourselves as stewards and nurturers of these gut-friendly, living and beneficial bacteria. Just like nature has perfected its ecosystems outside of our bodies, we think the friendly bacteria in our probiotic coconut water and frozen smoothie packs nurtures the ecosystem within our bodies.