Mango & Coconut Probiotic Smoothie

package of inner-eco mango & coconut probiotic smoothie

inner-ēco’s Mango & Coconut frozen smoothie product is made from organic fruit, our fresh pureed coconut, and probiotics. 

Plus, the probiotics in our smoothies are FDA-approved for infants and children.

Mango Pineapple Coconut Smoothie Nutrition Panel


  • We hand scoop fresh, green, young coconuts onsite to create a fresh coconut puree.
  • We use organic fruit that is handpicked. Our fruit is never in a ripening room to ensure maximum flavor and freshness.

Our dairy-free smoothies are great just as they are or add protein, greens or anything your inner-ēcology desires. The probiotic smoothie packs also make great popsicles or additions to recipes. We haven’t met a kid yet who didn’t love it – it’s sure to become your child’s favorite fresh snack.

OR – snack it straight from the packet!

Once defrosted, must be used immediately.