inner-ēco Fresh Coconut Products


Our Family of Products Are Dedicated to Supporting Your Family

We have kept in mind a family friendly lifestyle when bringing our remarkably delicious products to market. Today’s families are busy and want top quality, versatile and convenient products at a good value. inner-ēco offers all of this in our pure and simple product lines. 

All of our products start with fresh young green coconut.  Our coconuts are cracked, scooped, and bottled in Colorado. We stay true to our roots –  all of our coconuts arrive in their natural state.

Whether you drink our bubbly fresh coconut water probiotic, use our handy TO GO products, or use our new smoothie packs, you are guaranteed a product that has no additives and is great for the young and the young-at-heart!


Our signature product is made with fresh young coconut water and kefir cultures which naturally give us a bubbly personality!

We’ve done all the hard work: our coconuts are cracked, scooped, and bottled within an hour – now that’s fresh. And our coconut water is not heated, treated, never frozen or processed. Each of our dairy-free products are as simple as can be with no added sugar and made with minimal ingredients.

Each serving bursts with billions upon billions of active probiotic cultures and may provide beneficial nutritional support for digestive and immune systems. Also comes in handy TO GO 1 oz. bottles – which kids love!


Cracked daily at our plant in the United States, our fresh coconut frozen smoothie products are made with organic fruit ingredients and coconut puree. Our fruit is handpicked, never in a ripening room to ensure maximum flavor and freshness. Designed for the families on-the-go, these are perfect as smoothies, additions to recipes or eaten right from package and are perfect kid snacks. Plus, the probiotic in our smoothies are FDA-approved for infants, children and adults! 


All you need in a superfood, our 100% Young Coconut Smoothie Packs contain MCTs (medium chain fats), fiber, and coconut oils in its natural state. All this goodness for 1/4 the calories in mature brown coconuts. The mild taste offers endless possibilities – cooking, drinks and smoothies. Our products are unprocessed – not from concentrate – and ready to eat.

PRO by inner-eco

Launching winter 2019 to a store near you! PRO-Biotic by inner-eco is our newest edition to the family. For a sneak-peek, download our PDF here.